The Ultimate Life


"I thoroughly enjoyed the story in THE ULTIMATE LIFE. The movie is an entertaining and powerful example of what it means to pass down a healthy legacy to the next generation. Go see THE ULTIMATE LIFE on opening weekend. Don't wait!"
Dave Ramsey

THE ULTIMATE LIFE "poignantly reminds us that our family and our relational legacy are of far greater worth than any worldly goal we might strive to achieve."

"We love The Ultimate Life … it's one of the best movies to come out this year."
Dr. Ted Baehr, MovieGuide

"This film features the themes of sacrifice and hard work and recognizing family as a treasure. … It is an entertaining movie with a message."
The Dove Foundation

"THE ULTIMATE LIFE is the ultimate reminder of what's important in life. Gripping, emotionally charged, and potentially life-changing, this movie is a must-see."
John Clemens, IRN/USA Radio

"Michael Landon Jr. effectively captures the charming essence of author Jim Stovall's novel [in movie The Ultimate Life] to gracefully teach us to recognize the wealth reaped by one who has friends, family and love. (Thumbs Up!)"